The afghan  is a calm, frequently dominant, capable and very intelligent dog. As good Marquess, he is charmed with the comfort and the sofa. He does not like much that he cannot stand. He likes the children always and when they respect it and do not do pranks to him(her); this aptitude does not go with them. He is affectionate and very joined to his owner. With the strangers he proves to be distant and arrogant; but it is logical, if  he does not know somebody  why does he go to do thousand kisses? If he does not feel anything for him, I see reasonable that is something distrustful and more in these times that run (... it is a joke). When then he knows the friends of his owner, already he is more affable, but always guarding the distances; his owner is his owner and the kisses, the looks of complicity and the mimitos are for his owner ...... to understand him is to want him. He must be educated with firmness But without abruptness. He needs to do exercise, he is charmed with running (.. there is some more comodones and they need less) and for it if they are in a space opened without strap he begins to traverse a few minutes without looking behind; he does not want to escape, only to enjoy the freedom, then when he has escaped he will return with you but according to the place it can be dangerouse.-