Video 1 : Obtaining of the BIS in the USA          Video 2     

Alex  is the familiar name of the MULTI CHAMPION :  RADHAMANTHE SIKANDAR D´HE ZARADAJH. He is the father of Tiffany and it is a spectacular dog that has harvested many triumphs at level mundial.Nació the 06/11/2000 and their titles are:

American champion                                                                                     Better Afghan male the USA in 2005 with more than 100 BOB 

Champion the International                                                                        Champion of Italy                                                                               

 Champion of Spain                                                                                    Champion of Gibraltar                                                                                      Champion of Bosnia                                                                                Champion of Bulgaria                                                                              Champion of the Balkan Mountains                                                            Champion of Serbian                                                                               Champion of Sofía